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Course Dates

Next course is 8th March 2023. 

Please contact for further details. 

Course Description

This course will introduce data visualisation at a glance, with a practical hands-on module (using a data visualisation software).  

At the end of this course, we expect the audience to be able to know, understand and be familiar with:  

a) The historical perspective of Data Visualisation; 

b) The value that Data Visualisation offers to analytics; 

c) What makes a good design for data representation; 

d) Common mistakes to avoid; 

e) How to perform basic data visualisation in PowerBI or Tableau 

f) Storytelling with data. 

Target Audience

This course is targeted to an audience with no or limited experience in data visualisation. It is suitable for professionals interested in learning how to best visualise data and create charts in a business intelligence platform (Tableau or PowerBI).

Facilitator Profile

Anna Rotondo is a Senior Data Analyst at IMR. She holds a BSc in Management Engineering and a PhD in Manufacturing Engineering. Anna has collaborated with many industrial companies and has gained more than 15 years experience in applied operations research, and manufacturing system modelling and optimisation. 

Amanda Fenerich is IMR's Junior Data Analytics Researcher, with background in Manufacturing Engineering. She holds a PhD in Operations Research and has experience in optimisation and decision analysis.     

Course Duration

1 Day


CPD 6.5 Hours


Funding is available for qualifying companies. Find out if you qualify by registering your interest below.

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