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eBook - Green Book

Empowering Ireland's Renewable Future

The Green Book Cover

Introducing the Green Book by Irish Manufacturing Research

As Ireland moves towards a more sustainable future and energy transition emerges as an imperative pathway, there is a growing interest in adopting renewable energy technologies. Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR), through its Sustainable Manufacturing pillar, is excited to present the Green Book: Empowering Ireland's Renewable Future. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the complexities of renewable energy systems, providing valuable insights to assist companies throughout Ireland in navigating this transition effectively.

The Green Book emerges as an indispensable resource consolidating vital information that would otherwise require extensive research and investigation. Readers gain access to a wealth of contextualised information, streamlining the decision-making process and minimising time and revenue lost to uncertainty. 

Who Can Benefit from the Green Book?

The Green Book is designed for utility and facility managers, directors of operations, senior executives and other decision-makers within the Irish industrial ecosystem aiming to reduce energy costs and integrate sustainable practices into their operations.

It empowers end-users and customers to make informed decisions about renewable energy, ensuring that stakeholders can embark on their journey confidently. Additionally, researchers, consultants, and engineers exploring renewable energy technologies.


The Green Book is a holistic guide, featuring 11 technical chapters, each offering an in-depth exploration of technologies and their practical applications. It covers a comprehensive set of green energy technologies like Solar PV, Wind Turbines, Battery Energy Storage Systems, Heat Pumps, and Green Hydrogen Production systems, among others. 

Within its pages, readers will discover detailed insights into design specifications, efficiency, economics, maintenance, and planning permission requirements. By offering information on both established and cutting-edge technologies, the guide equips readers with the tools necessary to make informed decisions about incorporating renewable energy into their unique operation contexts and sites.

When and Where to Access?

The Green Book is available now for download for €150. 

Free Green Book Preview

A preview including the full table of contents can be downloaded, offering a glimpse into the valuable content. Please submit your details and we will send you a preview copy of the Green Book.