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Industry Members Network Event

Save the Date - November 30th, 2023

On November 30th, 2023, the Irish Manufacturing Research (IMR) will host its second Industry Members Day of the year at it's Mullingar site, unfolding a day dedicated to technology, innovation, learning, and networking. The event promises a deep dive into the cutting-edge practices essential for establishing a Net-Zero Factory, with sessions segmented into three parts: Solar PV, Wind, and Geothermal; Heat-Pumps, Biomass, CHP, Hydrogen, and Process Heat Recovery; and Battery Storage, DSM Grid Connection, and Smart Factory Technologies. Each segment is meticulously designed to provide insights into the sustainable and efficient energy solutions pivotal for future-proof manufacturing setups.

The day won't just be about energy; it's a panorama of the future of manufacturing. Attendees will explore the applications of Generative AI, with a focus on the role of Large Language Models (LLMs) in manufacturing. The event also features discussions on Rapid IoT Prototyping, essential for creating smart products and implementing process sensorisation seamlessly. Furthermore, participants will have the opportunity to delve into the fundamentals of high-performance, agile innovation management, machine vision in quality inspection, metal additive manufacturing for tooling applications, and successful digital transformation stories from the Irish industry. Each topic is handpicked to resonate with the current industry needs, offering a roadmap for manufacturers to navigate through the challenges of the digital age efficiently and effectively.

Members Price: Free

Non-Members Price: €750

*There is an additional benefit for attendees as full participation at our workshops qualifies for 7.5 hours of CPD.

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