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Course Date

Next course date: 23rd of May, 2024

Course Description

With increasing amounts of data and IIoT technology becoming more and more available, the potential positive impact to companies is more achievable than ever. However, understanding how to identify potential opportunities from this data is difficult if people have not been exposed to data analytics before. The aim of this course is to introduce the basics of information use, data acquisition, data analysis, available tools and common pitfalls.

Target Audience

Introductory, for people with no or little previous data analytics knowledge. Managers who want to learn the language and tools of Machine Learning in the context of AI.

Learning Objectives 

The course provides a broad view of the extract-load-transform/extract-transform-load processes, explains common approaches for data projects/applications, covers sample sets of different software/hardware tools that can be used in different stages of the process as well as what is required to execute a data project successfully. It also touches on organizational readiness and the skills required for projects that aim to leverage data as a resource. This course could be a good starting point for people who are considering IIoT/data analyst engineer careers as well as people who think their company could apply data science to improve their business but don’t know where to start and what is involved.

Facilitator Profile

Daugirdas Stirbys

Daugirdas Stirbys, IIoT Technologist in IMR, MSc Electronics Systems, BSc Computer Engineering. Researcher with 10 years of industrial and research experience in electronics systems, software development, sensorisation and data acquisition, system integration.


Course Duration

1 Day

Assessment & Certification 

Engineers Ireland CPD approved - 6.5 hours


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