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An Intorduction to AI & Machine Learning for Manufacturing

Course Date

Next course dates:

  • 17th of September, 2024
  • 10th of December, 2024

Course Description

This course provides a broad and unbiased overview of the AI & machine learning landscape, from the introductory building blocks to more state-of-the-art approaches, with an overall lean towards uses in the manufacturing domain.

Artificial intelligence refers to the processes and algorithms that can simulate human intelligence, including mimicking cognitive functions such as perception, learning and problem-solving. Machine Learning is a subset of AI, where we build a model based on sample data, to make predictions or decisions without being explicitly programmed to do so.

In its application across business problems, ML has used cases such as demand forecasting, supply chain and predictive maintenance that can be discussed in the course. 

Target Audience

Introductory, for people with no or little previous data analytics knowledge. Managers who want to learn the language and tools of Machine Learning in the context of AI.

Learning Objectives 

The objective of the course is to give an overview of what ML is and what it can do, not actually how to build algorithms.

Learn the most important steps and implementation concepts for the realisation of AI & machine learning projects.

There will be one or two Jupyter notebooks to show the learner what a machine learning algorithm looks like, but no requirements for the learner to work with them.

Facilitator Profile

Carlos Garcia

Dr Carlos García Santiago is the Senior Analytics Technologist at IMR. He has 20 years of experience working on AI and data analytics applied to railways, renewable energy, stock market and manufacturing. By training, he is an Industrial Engineer, with a PhD in the application of evolutionary algorithms for manufacturing.

Sunny Katyara

Dr Sunny Katyara is a Senior Robotics Researcher at IMR, specialising in robotic automation and data-driven decision-making applied to the manufacturing, agri-food, consumer electronics, and large-scale energy sectors. He holds a PhD in Robotics and AI and has over 8 years of experience working on diverse applied engineering and research projects in both academia and industry.

Course Duration

1 Day

Assessment & Certification 

Engineers Ireland CPD approved - 7.5 hours


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