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Course Date

Next course start dates:

  • June 4th, 2024
  • October 14th, 2024

This course runs over 4 weeks, with approximately 8 hours of commitment required per week, largely self-paced learning online, with access to award-winning content and best practice insights, and a forum to interact as you engage with the experience. In addition, there are four 1-hour virtual classrooms and a half-day pilot factory lab visit to IMR Mullingar in week 3.  

Course Description

On successful completion of this Internationally recognised award-winning course participants will be able to identify and evaluate deployment opportunities for robotics and automation in their organization and identify where the greatest business impact can be achieved. Throughout this course, IMR's expert instructors will support you in putting together an innovation approach specific to your business.

The course is intended for anyone planning their automation strategy and interested in understanding and using Robots; it covers the core concepts plus state-of-the-art approaches, planning and evaluating robotics and outlining the pitfalls involved.

Who is this course for?

Manufacturing process, automation & project engineers, task force members & project managers interested in robotic deployment.

Learning Objectives 

  • Understand types of innovation & how to assess value, and impact through an innovation framework.
  • Access to the automation assessment tool.
  • Introduction to cobotics & building safety into a project. Integrate machine vision technologies, learn the benefits of 3D vision, adaptive assembly & what collaborative robots bring to an application.
  • Learn about path planning in cluttered environments & optimisation, force sensors, and robotic intelligence.
  • Understand the environmental, health & safety requirements.
  • Be able to effectively discuss automation with technical colleagues.
  • Gain knowledge of the standards & requirements of a risk assessment.
  • Learn budget and business justification with an ROI calculator to build a business case.

Learning Structure

In the first week of the programme, learners will get an overview of the role of and possibilities for automation in the workplace. e-Learning will consist of robotics and automation asynchronous tasks and knowledge transfer with an Introduction to innovation and industrial automation paradigms & applications. This week’s real-world task will be set in identifying and assessing opportunities for automation in your workplace.

Course Duration

4 Weeks

Assessment & Certification 

Engineers Ireland CPD approved - 37 hours


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